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Re: Getting scripts to run in LAS


Swapping 2) and 3) below makes so much sense that it has already been
included in the code for the next release.

-- Jon

> The server code (server/Ferret.pl) uses the following algorithm to decide
> which script to use:
> # 1) look for template file with script prefix
> # 2) look for template file without script prefix
> # 3) look for journal file with script prefix
> # 4) look for journal file without script prefix
> </FAQ>
> Since I am using a prefix, if I want to process a journal file like
> pom_std_gif_xyref.jnl, then I will have to delete the std_gif.tmpl file so
> it will go on to try to find the jnl file. However, this will make the
> other datasets not work.  I would have to either:
>         a. Create a set of jnls for each data set (or set of data sets)
> and delete the std_gif.tmpl file.
> or
>         b. Never use any jnl files but keep the std_gif.tmpl file.
> I would prefer it if the algorithm swapped 2 and 3.  I've just had a look
> at the code in Ferret.pl and I've tried a solution that seems to work and
> have attached Ferret.pl.new for any that are interested.

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