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Re: ERROR: illegal limits


It's SOOO convenient for you to have the dataset available via dods!

Here's an explanation of the problem:

1) The automatic generation of this file must have had some problem
because the longitude for this particular dataset is really -122.39.

2) Ferret is not being too smart about the longitude axis.  The netCDF
file does not include the modulo attribute which Ferret expects for all
modulo axes

   modulo = " "

We'll try to get this fixed for the next release of Ferret.

In the mean time, you can create some special scripts which will add
this flag and tell LAS to use these scripts through the xml
configuration file:


In LAS v4 (what I think you have) you'll need to create the following


In modulo_x_std_gif.jnl you'll need to change the lines calling the two
template files:

  [% IF args.rank == '2' %]
    [% INCLUDE modulo_t_draw_2d.tmpl args = args %]
  [% ELSE %]
    [% INCLUDE modulo_t_draw_1d.tmpl args = args %]
  [% END %]

In the modulo_x_draw_1(2)d.tmpl files you'll need to add the modulo flag
to the X axis of the variable being accessed:

  set data "[% args.dataset_name %]"
  SET AXIS/MODULO `[% args.variable_name %][l=1],return=xaxis`

In the modulo_x_std_list.jnl you do the same thing this way:

  ! Hack to get quoted string with leading '/'
  def symbol foo = "$1"

  cancel mode interpolate  ! important when evaluating the size limits
  set data ($foo)
  SET AXIS/MODULO `$2[l=1],return=xaxis`

In LAS v5 (soon to be released) the initialization script <init_script>
is used to initialize the data so that adding the modulo flag can be
done with a single modified script rather than the above mess.

I've got your data working in my test server (LAS v5 which you may
download via remote CVS if you wish to upgrade).  I'm using the DODS URL
of this dataset and a simple <init_script> to tell Ferret that the X
axis should be modulo.

Here's my test server.  (I'll try not to leave it broken today.)  Your
data is in the dataset named "m2_adcp_wh_1999"


I've attached a configuration file I modified to use the DODS URL and to
specify the <init_script> I used in our LAS.

Let me know if you have any problems getting it sorted out.

"McCann, Mike" wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to use LAS 4.0 to visualize mooring time series
> data.  There seems to be some problem with identifying the
> longitude that's in the netcdf file with what is specified
> in the xml -- the relevant part listed here (the complete
> las.xml file is attached):
>         <m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude type="x" units="degrees_east
> (+E/-W)">
>            <arange start="-122.9" step="1" size="1"/>
>       </m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude>
>       <m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_latitude type="y" units="degrees_north
> (+N/-S)">
>            <arange start="36.7" step="1" size="1"/>
>       </m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_latitude>
> The error message I get when trying to plot a t line (from log/errors) is:
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001] Adding an acceptable error string: "*** NOTE: ".
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001]      NOAA/PMEL TMAP
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001]      Program FERRET
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001]      Version 5.22 - 07/27/00
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001]      30-Jan-01 09:22
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001]
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001] yes? cancel mode verify
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001] yes? cancel mode interp
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001] yes? set
> region/x="237.1"/y="36.7"/z="5.7600002288818
> 4":"5.76000022888184"/t="18-May-1999":"30-Aug-1999"
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001] yes? SET WINDOW/SIZE=.5
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001] yes? GO "/tmp/lasgo277295050048.jnl"
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001]  **ERROR: illegal limits: "U_COMPONENT" is not in
> the
>  range X=122.9W
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001]           Axis extremes are
> X=122.9W(-122.9):121.9W(-
> 121.9)
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001] plot/set/line=2 u_component
> [Tue Jan 30 09:22:57 2001] Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution
> abor
> ted
> My LAS site is (dataset m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc):
> http://dods.shore.mbari.org/lasOASIS/main.html
> and the netcdf file is available through DODS at:
> http://dods.shore.mbari.org/cgi-bin/nph-nc/data/oasis/deployments/m2/199905/
> m2/netcdf/m2_adcp_wh_1999.nc
> I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mike
> --
> Mike McCann   (mccann@mbari.org)
> Group Leader, Information Applications Group
> Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
> 7700 Sandholdt Road
> Moss Landing, CA 95039-9644
> Voice: (831) 775-1769   Fax: (831) 775-1646 http://www.mbari.org/rd/iag.htm
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                      Name: las.xml
>    las.xml           Type: XML Document (text/xml)
>                  Encoding: quoted-printable
>           Download Status: Not downloaded with message
        <percent_good_3beam name="Percentage good 3-beam solutions" units="Percentage">
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude_adcp_latitude_depth_time_grid"/>
        <percent_good_4beam name="Percentage good 4-beam solutions" units="Percentage">
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude_adcp_latitude_depth_time_grid"/>
        <std_pitch name="ADCP Pitch standard deviation" units="Degrees">
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude_adcp_latitude_adcp_depth_time_grid"/>
        <std_roll name="ADCP Roll standard deviation" units="Degrees">
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude_adcp_latitude_adcp_depth_time_grid"/>
        <u_component name="East-West Velocity Towards(+E/-W) True" units="cm/s">
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude_adcp_latitude_depth_time_grid"/>
        <v_component name="North-South Velocity Towards(+N/-S) True" units="cm/s">
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude_adcp_latitude_depth_time_grid"/>
        <longitude name="Longitude" units="Degrees East">
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude_adcp_latitude_adcp_depth_time_grid"/>
        <u_flag name="East-West Velocity Flag" units="none">
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude_adcp_latitude_depth_time_grid"/>
        <v_flag name="North-South Velocity Flag" units="none">
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude_adcp_latitude_depth_time_grid"/>
        <latitude name="Latitude" units="Degrees North">
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude_adcp_latitude_adcp_depth_time_grid"/>
        <std_head name="ADCP Heading standard deviation" units="Degrees">
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude_adcp_latitude_adcp_depth_time_grid"/>
        <xdcr_temperature name="ADCP Transducer Temperature" units="Celsius">
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude_adcp_latitude_adcp_depth_time_grid"/>
       <link match="/lasdata/axes/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude"/>
       <link match="/lasdata/axes/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_latitude"/>
       <link match="/lasdata/axes/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_depth"/>
       <link match="/lasdata/axes/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_time"/>
       <link match="/lasdata/axes/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude"/>
       <link match="/lasdata/axes/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_latitude"/>
       <link match="/lasdata/axes/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_depth"/>
       <link match="/lasdata/axes/m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_time"/>
      <m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_longitude type="x" units="degrees_east (+E/-W)">
	   <arange start="-122.9" step="1" size="1"/>
      <m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_latitude type="y" units="degrees_north (+N/-S)">
	   <arange start="36.7" step="1" size="1"/>
      <m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_depth type="z" units="m">
      <m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_time type="t" units="day">
	   <arange start="1999-05-18" step="1" size="105"/>
      <m2_adcp_wh_1999_nc_adcp_depth type="z" units="decibars">

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