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Re: LAS and Curvilinear-Orthogonal grid


This shouldn't be a problem at all.

LAS already has the ability to associate specific scripts with the
initialization or visualization of a given dataset or variable.  And
Ferret has the ability to create visualizations using curvilinear
coordinates or map projections:


Let me know if you'd like any help getting this going on your system.

-- Jonathan Callahan

Steve Cousins wrote:
> Is anyone using LAS to visualize data on a curvilinear-orthogonal grid?
> We use the Princeton Ocean Model outputing data to NetCDF files and we'd
> like to be able to use LAS but I'm not certain it is going to work.
> The X and Y coordinates are 2D variables (Lat and Lon) since all elements
> on a given row of the grid will not have the same Latitude (and likewise
> for columns and Longitude).
> If anyone has any ideas about this please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Steve
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