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Re: Can't match target

Hi Mike,
   Since I'm totally immersed in our own las.xml files, I thought I 
might be able to spot your problem.

I was able to reproduce your error:  always for Temperature, and for 
both datasets.  I was able to get all other variables to plot 
correctly all the time, but was never able to get anything but an 
error message from temperature.  Are you sure that "grtemp" is the 
exact name of the temperature variable in your Netcdf file?

Another strange happening.  I was able to get to your site just fine 
with Netscape 4.6.1 on my SGI workstation, however my first attempt 
was with Netscape 4.7 from my Mac G4.  The site started loading but 
then jumped to the page with the error message about not having Java 
enabled in my browser.  I DO have java enabled, and just to be sure I 
went to several other las sites (our own at 
http://las.pfeg.noaa.gov/las, the PMEL site, and several others on 
the PMEL list of "Who's using the LAS") without any problem.   I know 
there's security issues with Netscape 4.7 and java lately (and that 
there's a fix I haven't installed yet), but I thought it was odd that 
yours was the only site that didn't work.


>Hi LAS folks,
>The LAS FAQ has been real helpful.  Thanks.
>I'm now having a new error:
>  LAS Error
>  The following error message was received from LAS:
>  Can't find match target
>'/lasdata/datasets/tow081900all_Avgxyz_nc/variables/grtemp' at 'grtemp' at
>../xml/perl/LAS.pm line 478
>This one is somewhat bizarre.  The first time I reload may page and when I
>try to make an xy plot of a variable from the first dataset I get this error
>message.  If I plot a variable from the second dataset and then go back to
>the first the error goes away.  Sometimes I experience the reverse.  This
>error is intermittent and I've had trouble reproducing it consistently.
>The server where this can be seen is at
>Attached is my xml file for the current configuration.  Can anyone see what
>be wrong?
>Thanks in advance,
>Mike McCann   (mccann@mbari.org)
>Group Leader, Information Applications Group
>Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
>7700 Sandholdt Road
>Moss Landing, CA 95039-9644
>Voice: (831) 775-1769   Fax: (831) 775-1646 http://www.mbari.org/rd/iag.htm
> >
>Content-Type: application/octet-stream;
>	name="towfishMUSE.xml"
>Content-Disposition: attachment;
>	filename="towfishMUSE.xml"
>Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:towfishMUSE.xml (????/----) (0000756C)

Lynn deWitt


Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratories
1352 Lighthouse Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950-2097

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