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Problem defining time axis 2nd try

Hi all

Since our mail server seems to have eaten most of my mail sent to ferret
user group i send it again...

I encounter a slight problem when defining a time axis:

define axis /t=1958:`1998+7/12`:`1:12`/unit=yr tmyr

This produces an axis with 489 points reaching from 1958.000 to 1998.667

Shouldn't there only be 488 points from 1958 to 1998.583 (=1998+7/12)?

It gets right when i modify my command to:
define axis /t=1958:`1998+6/12`:`1:12`/unit=yr tmyr

This way the last point (No. 488) is at 1998.583

Using the /np qualifier doesn't help because it produces an axis which
is messed up so that no longer every 12th point is at 19xx.000, which i

Can anybody help?



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