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ferret bug regarding axes limits

Here's a little problem I keep running into:

I read in a netcdf file which has, say axes limits of  l = 1:5

Then I read in a netcdf file which has axes limits of  l = 1:54

When I try to look at the second file with something like

shade salt[d=2,l=54]

I frequently get a message like:

 **ERROR: illegal limits: SALT is not in the range L=54
          Axis extremes are L=1:5

"cancel region" has no effect

Even "can data/all"  has no effect! I read in the files again (use
data_set_1.nc, use data_set_2.nc) and get the same error. Only exiting
ferret appears sufficient to jar it out of the notion that not all files
have l=1:5

Is there a simple way to convince ferret to let different data sets have
different axis limits?


Albert J. Hermann
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
7600 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle WA 98115-6349


Phone:(206)-526-6495 Fax:(206)-526-6485

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