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Time Axis again

Hello all,

I'm trying to load an one dimensional cdf file  (time series) into ferret. It
has 600,000 points (T axis) and I haven't been able to. The error message is:

**TMAP ERR: limit on storage for coordinates has been reached
             MAX= 100000

Does Anyone knows a way to avoid it?

PS: I've used the -memsize flat to increase the available memory to ferret but
it didn't work!

Any help, please!

Thanks, Jose

 Jose Edson Pereira             /        Instituto Oceanografico USP  - BRAZIL
 jerperei@usp.br     	      ////       jerperei@aurora.io.usp.br
 Phone: 0055-11-818-6576       /         Fax: 0055-11-210-3092	

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