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Re: Custom Levels

SPILLANE@pmel.noaa.gov wrote:

Hi Mick (and all the other who tried to help),

>         Unless I'm mistaken this can be done using the ppl+ lev command
> which is cumulative
> For example
> def axis/x=1:10:1 xax ; def axis/y=1:10:1 yax ; def grid/x=xax/y=yax grd
> let v=35*(x[g=grd]^2+y[g=grd]^2)
> fill/set v
> ppl lev,(),(0)(10)(20)(30)(42)(58)(75)(95)(120)(150)(185)(225)(275)(335)
> ppl lev,(405)(485)(580)(695)(835)(1005)(1210)(1455)(1745)(2085)
> ppl lev,(2480)(2940)(3475)(4100)(4825)(5650)(6525)
> ppl shakey,1,1,0,1  ! to have every key step labelled
> ppl fill

It works, thanks for the help!

But one problem remains. Since the shade of the variable has to produced
by severall overlays, e.g.:

shade/over/lev=(2480)(2940)(3475)(4100)(4825)(5650)(6525) var

one has to deal with partly color axes. Otherwise FERRET uses the full
default color scale for each of the overlays.

Is there an "easy" way to use for the first command only the first third
of the color axis, for the second overlay the second third (and so on),
that one ends up with a combined color scale that corresponds to the
"hand-made" color key?


Dr. Arne Biastoch
Physical Oceanography Research Group       phone: +1-858-534-0943
Scripps Institution of Oceanography        fax  : +1-858-534-9820
MS: 0230                                   email: abiastoch@ucsd.edu
8605 La Jolla Shores Dr.
La Jolla, CA 92093-0230

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