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graticules and boxes

I am plotting a map on which I want to overlay a box (using go box ...)
and lat/lon graticules (using go graticule).

The problem I have is that the box and graticule lines plot first (under
the color fill of the map) or not at all. HOw can I plot them on top of
the color fill?

Also, is there an easy way to place a symbol at a specified lat/lon
location on a map?

DEFINE AXIS/x=70W:30W:0.5/UNITS=deg lon
DEFINE AXIS/y=30N:10S:0.5/UNITS=deg lat
DEFINE GRID/x=lon/y=lat levgrid
FILE/ORDER=xy/GRID=levgrid/VAR="fred,ethel,dep" cearahalfm.xyz2

set region/x=70W:30W/y=10S:30N

CONTOUR/NOLABELS/LINE/overlay/lev="(-8000,-1000,1000)(-50)" dep

go graticule
go box 1 2 1 2

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