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Re: Zero divides?

Just a guess, but 0 would be a valid value, and 1/0 would be flagged as a BAD or
MISSING value, so it would "hold" a place in the grid open, but wouldn't be
included in the vertical section that the user is trying to generate.

I am sure that Steve Hanking will correct me if I am wrong :)


On Nov 18, 12:01pm, Glenn Carver wrote:
> Subject: Zero divides?
> I've been reading some ferret scripts trying to figure out how they work
> and I've come across a statement that I don't understand. In
> vertical_section.jnl, there is a line:
> let ttup_vsec = 1/0       ; a place holder
> I'm curious to know why 1/0 doesn't cause a divide by zero when it's
> evaluated. Or maybe it does and ferret is catching it? But why use 1/0
> rather than just 0?
>-- End of excerpt from Glenn Carver

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