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RE: drawing a square on a xy-plane

Hello Pam

There is go file called box.jnl in the directory $FER_DIR/go.  The usage 
is:  GO box xlo xhi ylo yhi [pen_number].  I've been using this for a while 
now and it does a nice job of drawing attention to a location on a map.  It 
solved the problem for me.

Good luck

Mark Williams
Supervising Meteorologist
Ph 61 3 96694902

From:  Pam McDowell [SMTP:pjmcdowell@nrlssc.navy.mil]
Sent:  Wednesday, 17 November 1999 07:30
To:  ferret
Subject:  drawing a square on a xy-plane

I have some data contoured on a XY lat-lon plane. I'd like to locate and
overlay a box to call attention to a portion of the plot. Are there
calls where you can give four corners and overplot a rectangle onto a XY
fill plot?

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