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More polymark woes

I'm still having a bit of trouble with polymark.

I have a variable, sinlat, which is essentially point data with a height
(Z) and time (T) axis.

If I do:
? let new=sinlat[i=1:2562,j=1,k=1,l=1]
? go polymark ....

everything works fine.

However, if I do

? set region/j=1/k=1/l=1
? let new=sinlat[i=1:2562]
? go polymark poly/over/key lon lat new circle
 **ERROR: invalid command: no. of values (2562) doesnt match no. of
polygons (1)
poly/over/key/coord_ax=Z  PLMxpoly+PLMxpolymark, PLMypoly+PLMypolymark,

polymark checks the orientation of the point. In the latter case, I presume
it has picked up the Z axis but I don't understand why. I would have
thought that specifying the region in the LET (1st example) is equivalent
to the SET REGION command. If I do SHOW GRID for new in both examples, I
get exactly the same grid.

I've obviously misunderstood something but I can't see it at the moment?


Dr. Glenn Carver, Senior Research Associate,
Centre for Atmospheric Science, Chemistry Dept., Cambridge University, UK
mailto:Glenn.Carver@atm.ch.cam.ac.uk   http://www.atm.ch.cam.ac.uk/~glenn/

              "I never think of the future, it comes soon enough"
                   - Albert Einstein

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