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Polymark go script won't work for me

I'm having some trouble getting the GO polymark script to run for me.

I have some point data in a 1D array (2500 pts) with 1D arrays lon and lat
to locate these points. When I follow the example in the manual and do:

GO polymark polygon/lev=(0,100,10) lon lat sinl circle

I get:

 **ERROR: command syntax: (( )-( ))/6.000
          ( before ) is illegal
DEFINE VARIABLE/QUIET PLMyscale = (( )-( ))/6.000
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted

This appears to be coming from the following lines in the polymark.jnl

LET/QUIET PLMxscale = ((($xaxis_max))-(($xaxis_min)))/($ppl$xlen)
LET/QUIET PLMyscale = ((($yaxis_max))-(($yaxis_min)))/($ppl$ylen)

Presumably xaxix_max/min are some kind of limits for the viewport. However,
I can't find any mention of them in the ferret manual. There's a refence to
PPLUS commands XAXIS* in chapter six, but no specific mention of these

It's not obvious to me what I need to do in order that these variables are
set. I have got a grid and region defined. What else do I need to do?


Dr. Glenn Carver, Senior Research Associate,
Centre for Atmospheric Science, Chemistry Dept., Cambridge University, UK
mailto:Glenn.Carver@atm.ch.cam.ac.uk   http://www.atm.ch.cam.ac.uk/~glenn/

              "I never think of the future, it comes soon enough"
                   - Albert Einstein

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