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Re: Reversing time axis...

Hi Gary,

At this point the time axis drawing routines for PLOT+ inside Ferret only handle
time increasing towards the top.

A change to support decreasing-up time axes is on our list. We can't give you an
estimate of when we will get to it at this point, however.

    - steve


Gary Strand wrote:

> This was mentioned once before:
> I have a problem with inverting the yaxis on a hovmoller diagram.
> The script is simple and goes like this:
> fill olr[y=5s:0s@ave,t=16-nov-1992:31-mar-1993]
> This is fine, but I would like to invert the yaxis (actually time in the
> data) on the plot so that time decreases towards the top of the screen.  My
> understanding is that the command should be:
> fill/ylimits=31-mar-1993:16-nov-1992:-24
> olr[y=5s:0s@ave,t=16-nov-1992:31-mar-1993]
> However the plot looks just the same.  It doesn''t seem to matter if I
> define the ylimits qualifier in hours instead of dates or reverse the order
> of the time interval within the square brackets.  What am I doing wrong?
> Mark Williams
> and Mark Verschell couldn't figure it out either.
> The mail archives at PMEL don't have the solution, if any. The thread pretty
> much dies after Mark V's attempt.
> Has this problem a solution?
> --
> Gary Strand
> strandwg@ucar.edu                          http://www.cgd.ucar.edu/ccr/strandwg

Steve Hankin
NOAA/PMEL, 7600 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115-0070
ph. (206) 526-6080 -- FAX (206) 526-6744

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