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Bug in objective.jnl

I've been trying to grid some xyz topo data for Scotland using the
GO file objective.jnl, but the routine is shifting the data by what
appears to be 3 degrees longitude to the east and what is worse, wrapping
the data around the grid. How do I fix this (just shifting the input x
coords does not halt the wrapping problem)?
I'm running on a PC, linux RH 6.0, and I my script is as follows:

DEFINE AXIS/X=1:219:1 ia
DEFINE AXIS/Y=0:122:0.5 ja
DEFINE GRID/X=ia/Y=ja ija
show grid ija
FILE/SKIP=1/VAR="xpts ypts zpts"/grid=ija  scotmap4.dat
GO objective xpts ypts zpts "352.75:359.95:0.05" "55.5:59.45:0.05" " " " "


Lev Tarasoff -  Dept of Physics, University of Toronto,
                60 St. George St., Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, M5S 1A7
                Tel (416)-946-3019  Fax (416)-978-8905
                email: lev@atmosp.physics.utoronto.ca

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