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Re: supressing axes labels


There are a number of ways of suppressing labels. I refer you to the ferret
manual (particularly, chapter 6 on custmozing plots) and a number of sections
in the PPLUS manual (look in $FER_DIR/doc), and also the ferret GO tool

For your particular question (just removal of X axis and title), the easiest
way is to use PPLUS commands. Let's say you are doing filled contour plots. An
example would then be:

yes? fill/set_up my_var
yes? pplus title        ! removes title
yes? pplus xlab         ! removes x label
yes? pplus fill

Hope this helps, Mark

On Oct 18,  2:26pm, Pam McDowell wrote:
> Subject: supressing axes labels
> I am using the 'DEFINE VIEW' command to place multiple plots on one
> page. How do I suppress certain axis labels (i.e.  X axis and title
> labels  for the first four plots).
>-- End of excerpt from Pam McDowell

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