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Position of maximum.


I am trying to calculate the position over the map of a precipitation 
maximum in two different regions. 
I would like then to correlate both positions in time.

I used the command


but it only gives me the maximum value in a certain horizontal region, but 
not its position in the map (where the maximum is located). 

Does anyone know how to get the positions in the plane and then use these 
positions as variables to do correlations in time?

Any suggestions will be appreciated!


Marcelo Barreiro
Dept. of Oceanography, Physical Section
College of Geosciences and Maritime Studies
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3146
Phone: (409) 845-8216
Email: marcelo@ocean.tamu.edu
URL: http://www-ocean.tamu.edu/~marcelo/

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