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Re: Changing graticule and land thicknesses

Hi, Alice. 

I have a lot of experience trying to make polar plots look readable. My
suggestions are as follows: 

1) For continental outlines, try using polar_fland.jnl which uses a land
mask instead of continental outlines. Then overlay your contours on top of
that and you can see the land background without any lines that interfere
with your contours.

2) For lat/lon grid lines, I draw them in green (line=3) and then print
them using Fprint but without using the -l cps option and they come out in
a fine dotted line that is distinct from any of the contour lines. Also
try drawing fewer lat/lon lines (e.g. every 60 or 90 degrees of longitude
is adequate for a polar plot).

If this doesn't make sense of if you have any further questions you can
write to me directly.  

Jennifer Miletta Adams                                              
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   c/o NOAA/PMEL                      (206)526-4532
   7600 Sand Point Way NE             Building 3, Room 2067B
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   University of Washington	      http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/~miletta

On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Alice Larkin wrote:

> Hello, is there any way of making the land outlines and graticule lines on 
> a polar plot lighter, or dashed. My problem is that all the graticule and
> land lines take over my contour plots, and making the contour lines thicker
> just makes the plots look even more messy. I just need a way of making my
> contour lines stand out without losing the land etc. completely.
> Alice

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