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Re: How to create a vector?

> Hi all
> I would like to create a vector with ferret output and plot it as a 
> function of time. More specifically, I want to calculate the monthly mean 
> of Myvar in a certain region and then plot it as a function of the month. 
> I did
> set region/x=10W:30e/y=50s:30s
> let Myvar_1=Myvar[l=1:540:12]
> let Myvar_1m=Myvar_1[l=@ave]
> to get the monthly average for january. I have to do the same for every 
> month and then plot the mean values of Myvar as function of the month.
> Is there any effective way to do that?
> Thanks!
> Marcelo

The easiest way is to regrid using the @MOD transformation. Make sure
Myvar is on a calender grid then issue

use climatological_axes
set data default_data_set
let myvar_monthly_ave=myvar[gt=month_irreg@mod]

Now, myvar_monthly_ave[l=1] refers to the january average, l=2 to Feb etc..
See the section on modulo regridding in the manual for more details.


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