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Quick question

Hi all,

Suppose I have an XYT variable and want to know the length in time of 
the variable and then use the result to define another variable.

If I use  

let N=My_var[l=@NGD]

then I will get an XY variable. Because all the points have the same 
number of points in time I used

let N=My_var[l=@NGD,x=@MAX,y=@MAX]

and I got the length N. OK. But when I try to use N to define another 
variable, like

let t=Another_var*((N-2)^0.5)

it send an error message:

**ERROR: all data have same value: data are all flagged as bad 

How can I then find the length of a variable and use it to define another 



Marcelo Barreiro
Dept. of Oceanography, Physical Section
College of Geosciences and Maritime Studies
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3146
Phone: (409) 845-3238
Email: marcelo@ocean.tamu.edu
URL: http://www-ocean.tamu.edu/~marcelo/

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