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A couple of problems

I have a couple of problems.  Hopefully someone may have some advice.

Firstly I can't get the modular statistic @modvar to give meaningful 
results.  @mod works OK but not @modvar.

Here is an example.

use olr.7496.nc
use climatological_axis.nc
let/d olrd = OLR[D=1,Y=15S:15N,T=01-JAN-1980:31-DEC-1995]
save/file=test1.nc olrd[gt=month_reg@modvar]
use test1.nc
fill olrd[d=3]

The results are clearly wrong, however if I do the above with @mod instead 
of @modvar the results appear OK.

Another quite different problem that I have from time to time is that 
ferret partially crashes after producing a graphic.  The prompt yes? comes 
up but when commands are entered they are not echoed on the screen.  After 
hitting the enter key again yes? comes up but on the same line and it is 
not possible to see the key strokes being entered.  The screen looks like:
yes? yes? yes?
after 3 commands.
Ferret is in fact still working but I'm "flying blind".  The only solution 
appears to be to shut down Ferret and restart.  Does anyone else have this 
I'm using Version 4.91 on an SGI machine.

Mark Williams
Supmet (Victoria)
Ph 61 3 96694902

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