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Re: Monochrome line styles


This is an easy fix. When doing the conversion to postscript from from
metafile, use the gksm2ps command, by default this should give you monochrome
line styles. If not, simply append the -l ps flag to get monochrome lines.


On Aug 23, 10:07pm, Mr Retish Senan wrote:
> Subject: Monochrome line styles
> Hi!
> 	I tried using the PPLUS plot command to plot multiple time-series
> on the same figure.
> e.g...
> yes?plot/set_up/line=1 my_var1
> yes?plot/set_up/over/line=8 my_var2
> yes?plot/set_up/over/line=15 my_var3
> yes?ppl plot
> The display shows the right thickness and colours. But when I convert it
> into a postscript file and print it on a Black and White HP Laserjet
> printer, I do not get the corresponding monochrome line styles, as
> mentioned in the PLOTPLUS manual. I do get the thickness right.
> Any suggestions ??
>-- End of excerpt from Mr Retish Senan

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