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Monochrome line styles

	I tried using the PPLUS plot command to plot multiple time-series
on the same figure. 


yes?plot/set_up/line=1 my_var1
yes?plot/set_up/over/line=8 my_var2 
yes?plot/set_up/over/line=15 my_var3
yes?ppl plot 

The display shows the right thickness and colours. But when I convert it
into a postscript file and print it on a Black and White HP Laserjet
printer, I do not get the corresponding monochrome line styles, as
mentioned in the PLOTPLUS manual. I do get the thickness right.
Any suggestions ??

Thanks in advance,

RETISH SENAN			      	
M.Sc.(Engg.) Student			        
Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences      PD-146 Student's Hostel
Indian Institute of Science		         I I Sc		      
B A N G A L O R E   560 012		         BANGALORE 560 012      
Ph: 91-080-3092505			         Ph: 91-080-3092559       

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