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Re: log contour intervals

Hello Alice,
	I don't see a simple solution to your color key labelling
problem, unless contouring the (base-10) log of the function is
acceptable.  The latter might make the setting of your non-integer
exponents easier in a way.

	I believe ferret doesn't have the newer plotplus commands
that customise the colorbar (colorbar,cbaxis,cbfor,cblabp,cblint
and cbcsze).  If you could turn off the key labels (cblabp) or
render them with zero height (cbcsze) then you could use "ppl
%label" or movable labels to put in any values you like. Perhaps
you can still use this idea by plotting a white polygon to blot
out the offending key labels
polygon/i=1:4/pal=blue/nokey/nolab/over xx,yy
where xx,yy set by ysequence are the coords of the white rectangle.

	Another workaround would be to drop the key entirely and
use overlay contours to put correctly labelled contour lines on
the plot itself.  For your case if you want levels at 1.5x10^n
where n=-10,-9,-8...-4 say then using a test function 1/10^(i+j+0.5)
you would (leaving the color bar as a check here)

fill/i=1:10/j=1:10/lev=(-9.824,-3.824,1) log(1/10^(i+j+0.5))
ppl conpre,@sr1.5e
contour/over/i=1:10/j=1:10/nolab/lev=(-9.824,-3.824,1,-1) log(1/10^(i+j+0.5))

Note the extra "-1" in the contour lev instruction which forces
integer contour labels.  This in combination with the "conpre"
results in labels like 1.5e-10.

Hope this is of some help.
Mick Spillane                            _/_/_/_/ _/_/_/_/  _/_/   _/_/_/
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