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Re: ploting monthly climatologies

Thanks a lot Mark, it worked!

I rewrite here what I typed because it could be useful for any other ferret 

use climatological_axes
define axis/t="16-jan-0001:12":"16-dec-0045:12"/np=540 newt 
let PrecNT=Prec[gt=newt@ASN]
let Prec_clim=PrecNT[gt=month_reg[d=1]@MOD]
fill/l=1 Prec_clim[d=1] 



Marcelo Barreiro
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On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Mark A. Verschell wrote:

> Marcelo provided me with the output of show grid and I see the problem he was
> having with climatological axes, in particular the error he was getting.
>  name           axis        # pts         start         end
>  X            LONGITUDE      128mr         0E      2.813W(357.19)
>  Y            LATITUDE       64 i         87.863S     87.863N
>  normal          Z
>  TIME          T (month)     540 r          0           539
> The problem is the unit on the time axis. Month is an ambiguous time unit (is
> it model month? Are the months 30 days, 30.5 days, 31 days?)
> Marcelo, a lot of the problems you are having would be cleared up if you use
> days or hours for your time axis unit. If you are concerned about equating
> model months with calendar months I think v5.0 has a mechanism for this. If
> not, this is how I do it:
> Assuming 540 months is 45 years (pretty good assumption), define the time axis
> as:
> define axis/t="16-jan-0001:12":"16-dec-0045:12"/np=540 newt
> If the problem is that your model output is already in months and you don't
> want to change this, then you can just define a new time axis and then a new
> variable and use that instead. For variable Prec from your last message:
> let PrecNT=Prec[gt=newt@ASN]
> and then make the climatology from this variable as detailed in the last
> message.
> Mark
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