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Re: ploting monthly climatologies

Marcelo provided me with the output of show grid and I see the problem he was
having with climatological axes, in particular the error he was getting.

 name           axis        # pts         start         end
 X            LONGITUDE      128mr         0E      2.813W(357.19)
 Y            LATITUDE       64 i         87.863S     87.863N
 normal          Z
 TIME          T (month)     540 r          0           539

The problem is the unit on the time axis. Month is an ambiguous time unit (is
it model month? Are the months 30 days, 30.5 days, 31 days?)

Marcelo, a lot of the problems you are having would be cleared up if you use
days or hours for your time axis unit. If you are concerned about equating
model months with calendar months I think v5.0 has a mechanism for this. If
not, this is how I do it:

Assuming 540 months is 45 years (pretty good assumption), define the time axis

define axis/t="16-jan-0001:12":"16-dec-0045:12"/np=540 newt

If the problem is that your model output is already in months and you don't
want to change this, then you can just define a new time axis and then a new
variable and use that instead. For variable Prec from your last message:

let PrecNT=Prec[gt=newt@ASN]

and then make the climatology from this variable as detailed in the last


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