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Re: ploting monthly climatologies

Mark, thanks for answering. I have done what you told me below and I 
received this error message

**ERROR: regridding: only @ASN regridding between calendar and
          non-calendar axes: PREC

I used the go file: make_monthly_climatology.jnl

and it worked. Everything OK. 

Bu, could you tell me what the error message means and why it did not work?


On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Mark A. Verschell wrote:

> For your example, you are making it much too complicated. Try the following:
> yes? use climatological_axes
> yes? use <your-data-set-here>
> yes? let Prec_clim=Prec[gt=month_reg[d=1]@MOD]
> yes? fill Prec_clim
> That should do it
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