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Dear Srdjan
I did this kind of plots with a sigma model:
there is somthing to be aware, is to keep the aspect ratio v,w of the vectors
in the image.

I had to rescale w by L/H*ratio of the image to have something

I was using that:

LET vz = ZAXREPLACE(v,depth, z[gz=zdepth])
set variable/title="Cross-shore velocities as a function of depth" vz
LET wz = ZAXREPLACE(w,depth, z[gz=zdepth])
set variable/title="Vertical velocities as a function of depth" wz
fill/l=5/i=2 wz  
vectors/overlay/l=5/i=2/j=1:60/lengh=0.02 vz,500*wz 

and manually changing the scale factor to make the velocities follow the

Pierrick Penven 
IRD student associate
Oceanography Department          
University of Cape Town                
Rondebosch 7701                     
South Africa                          
tel : +27 (0)21 650 3614              
fax : +27 (0)21 650 3979               

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