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repeat with transformation

Dear ferret-users,

I would like to use a transformation on the axis that is used for
the repeat command, i.e.

repeat/t=30-dec-5200:30-dec-5220:8766 fill dye_15[k=1,t=@itp]

this doesn't work, nor the placement of the @itp transformation directly
behind the last argument for t. Does anybody have a suggestion how to
solve this problem?

-- many thanks and happy ferreting !


PS: The problem arises because I want to produce an animated sequence 
    from a coarse-resolution data so that it runs relatively smoothly. I
    thought that this could be achieved by adding interpolated frames
    between the actual time-levels.

Nicolas Gruber
AOS Program, Princeton University  
Sayre Hall, Forrestal Campus, P.O. Box CN710
Princeton, NJ 08544-0710
Phone: (609) 258-1314  Fax: (609) 258-2850

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