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Re: netCDF-Irregular Grid


Ferret v5 can display your results in your curvilinear system using
curvilinear coordinates:


You will need to define a grid for your longitude and latitude matrices
and read them in defined on this grid.  Then you can use the argument
SHADE or FILL commands to display your data in its native coordinate

You will probably have to do something like this:

  define axis/x=1:200:1 iindex
  define axis/y=1:80:1 jindex
  define axis/t=1:100:1 lindex
  define grid/x=iindex/y=jindex coord_grid
  define grid/x=iindex/y=jindex/t=lindex data_grid
  file/var=my_lon/columns=200/grid=coord_grid longitudes.dat
  file/var=my_lat/columns=200/grid=coord_grid latitudes.dat
  file/var=my_data/columns=200/grid=data_grid data.dat
  shade my_data, my_lon, my_lat

Let me know if this doesn't solve things for you.

-- Jon

Victor Ocana wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm quite new in the Ferret comunity, and in need of some help.
> I would like to plot the output of an ocean model
> that uses an irregular grid. That means in my case that a 1-D field for
> longitude and latitude is not enough, and latitudes and longitudes
> are specified as 2-D matrices (lon(lat,lon) and lat (lat,lon)) in
> a netCDF file. When I try to use ferret to read the data, I get an error
> message because a 1-D field is expected for longitudes and latitudes.
> Also I will probably have to interpolate the data to a regular grid, or
> can ferret work with that irregular grid?
> Hope somebody can help. Thanks,
> Victor
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> Max-Planck Institut fuer Meteorologie   Tlf: 49 40 41173382
> Bundesstrasse 55                        Fax: 49 40 41173298
> D-20146 Hamburg
> Germany
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