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Re: polar stuff


It turns out there is a bug in the mp_stereographic_south.jnl script.

The line

  let/quiet mp_mask = if y le 0 then 1

should be

  let/quiet mp_mask = 1

This fixes the problems you were seeing.

You can fix that line in your version of the script manually and I've
made the change at our end so that the bug fix release of Ferret v5 will
have the proper script.

-- Jonathan

> Thanks for you help Ansley,  Now I don't have a problem with the 
> actual plot, because I now define my grid correctly, but I run into problems
> with go mp_land when using sterographic_south (but not with north)
> Here is my script and error...
> set data "Have_con_stero.cdf"
> set data "Havex1_stero.cdf"
> let diff=H_avexp[d=Havex1_stero]-H_ave[d=Have_con_stero]
> set region/y=-90:0/z=100
> load diff
> show grid
>  Default grid for DEFINE VARIABLE is ABSTRACT
>  Last successful data access was on grid GTJ21
>     GRID GTJ1
> name            axis            #pts    start                   end
> LONGITUDE       LONGITUDE       96mr    0E                      3.75w           
> LATITUDE        LATITUDE        73 r    90S                     90N
> P               HEIGHT (mbar)   20 i-   0.08                    1000
> TANNAVE         TIME            12 r    16-JAN          00.00   16-DEC  00.00
> show variable diff
>  DIFF=H_avexp[d=Havex1_stero]-H_ave[d=Have_con_stero]
> set grid diff
> go stereographic_south
> go margins 0.2,0.2,1,0.6
> fill/noaxis/set_up diff[z=100,l=1:12@ave], x_page, y_page
> ppl fill
> go mp_land
> **ERROR:illegal limits: "MASKED_X_PAGE" is not in the range Y=-90:0
>      Axis extremes are Y=0.5;10000000
> plot/set/vs/nolab/line=1/i=1:22585/overlay masked_x_page, masked_y_page
> Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted
> So, is there something else I should be using for the land mask when using
> southern projections?
> Thanks
> Alice

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