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libICE request

Does anyone have the libICE library file precompiled for Solaris 2.5.1?  I can't
get ferret5 to run without it and I really don't have time to download and 
compile all of X11R6 just for that one library. If someone could dump it in our
anon. ftp directory ftp://ftp.atm.ch.cam.ac.uk/incoming I would be immensely 
grateful. I can't find another Solaris system that has it here.

Also, why can't Ferret be statically linked against X11R6 and Motif, to avoid
these problems? I would have thought something like:

f77 .... -Bstatic -lICE -lXm etc -Bdynamic -letc etc

might work?  There's probably some dependencies to work out but I can't see
why this would interfere with the dynamic loading that Ferret does. Does
the use of dlopen() require the presence of -Bdynamic on the compile line?
Maybe putting -Bdynamic on the end of the compile line would be sufficient. 


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