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Re: Announcing Ferret V5.0 (beta) on Solaris, Linux, and DEC (Compaq)

Thank you, Steve! V5.0 sounds like a very powerful upgrade. Thanks for all
the work you and the PMEL group have put into Ferret, and supporting the
Ferret mailing list.

I was wondering: I thought I heard that you were going to release the
source code also. Is that true? If so, do you think the code will be clean
and readable enough for programmers to make meaningful contributions?

Again, thanks and congratulations.

Best regards,

Emilio Mayorga

University of Washington	
School of Oceanography			emiliom@u.washington.edu
Box 357940				ph. (206) 543-5334
Seattle, WA  98195-7940	  USA		FAX (206) 685-3351
On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Steve Hankin wrote:

> *** Ferret V5.0 (BETA) Available on Solaris, Linux, and DEC (Compaq) ***
> Ferret version 5.0 (beta 1.1), with many powerful new features, is now
> available for download and installation. Instructions are available at
> the URLs below. The Ferret Web pages
> (http://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/Ferret/) will serve as your guide to the new
> features of V5 (see What's New and Documentation)
> The Windows NT/9X versions, as well as WebFerret, will follow shortly.
> We will be working with volunteers at other sites to assist with the
> ports of V5 to SGI, HP, and IBM/AIX. If you would like to volunteer to
> help with these or other ports, please contact us at
> ferret@pmel.noaa.gov.
> Here are the highlights of V5:
>    o Access to many gigabytes of remote data at NOAA/CDC, NASA/JPL, FSU,
>      URI/GSO and elsewhere -- satellite data bases, operational model
>      outputs, reference climatologies, etc. (see dods_demo)
>    o An "external functions" framework allows you to add your own code
>      into Ferret at runtime. It also allows Ferret to integrate with
>      MATLAB, IDL, Vis5D, and the like. (see external_functions_demo)
>    o New routines for sorting, sampling, gridding of scattered data,
>      FFTs, etc.
>    o New graphics techniques for visualizing scattered data and handling
>      polygonal data sets (see trackline_demo, polymark_demo, and
>      polytube_demo)
>    o A broad array of map projections and new options for
>      color palettes and hatch patterns in 2D plots (see mp_demo,
>      pattern_demo, and palette_demo)
>    o Access to Ferret from Web browsers (WebFerret -- available soon)
>    o Faster graphics, IO, and computation ...
> 	Happy Ferreting -- the Ferret developers
> ----
> Web download:
> http://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/Ferret/
> ftp download:
> ftp://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/pub/

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