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Re: Loosing plot labels - ploting coast line

On the off chance that your questions haven't been answered yet:

The error "greadgksm()   No item is left in GKS Metafile input" usually occurs
when you ^Z (suspend) out of ferret in the middle of a session and issue an
Fprint or gksm2ps. Ferret does not automatically flush the output buffer at the
end of each plot command. Try exiting ferret completely before typing Fprint or
gksm2ps, or alternatively, use the command "ppl clsplt" to close out the
current plot.

As for question 2, which also applies to the next listserve message, you can
use your own data for plotting coastlines. Simply read in the lat, lon data and
use the plot/vs/line command to plot the results. You will probably want to add
/nolabels and /over to the command. The caveat here is that unless the
coastline is continous or you have properly defined missing values in your
data, you will have lines that suddenly jump from one section to another. For
example, after drawing Africa, the program would draw a straight line to
Australia. Refer to the land.jnl program in $FER_DIR/go

To fill in missing points in the data (as asked by Mr. P.Chitti Babu), I would
try using a bad data filler. This depends on the coastline data being defined
as one long coastline without any REAL missing values. A command something

yes? plot/vs/line/over/noabels lon[i=@fln], lat[i=@fln]

Good luck!

On May 24,  1:00pm, Francesc Pastor Guzman wrote:
> Subject: Loosing plot labels - ploting coast line
>     I'm printing some graphs and sometimes I find that some labels on
> the printed version have disappeared. I see them on the screen but when
> I convert metafile.plt to ps and then print it they disappear. Some
> times there is a part of the label, other there are no labels at all.
>     When I do "Fprint -o file.ps metafile.plt" I get this message:
> "greadgksm()   No item is left in GKS Metafile input"
>     Is it an error?
>     And the second question, how do I manage to plot a better coastline
> than that with "go land thick"? I have an ASCII file with lat,lon data
> of the coast.
>-- End of excerpt from Francesc Pastor Guzman

On May 24,  5:41pm, Mr. P.Chitti Babu wrote:
> Subject: Plotting coast line
> I am plotting land boundaries using "go land" command. This works very well
> with when the region is large. When I am trying to plot land boundaries
> on smaller model domains , the land boundary resolution is not good.
> I want to know is it possible to plot a coast line from my own data?
> And how to remove small white spaces in a fill contour plot.
>-- End of excerpt from Mr. P.Chitti Babu

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