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Loosing plot labels - ploting coast line

    Hi ferreters

    I'm printing some graphs and sometimes I find that some labels on
the printed version have disappeared. I see them on the screen but when
I convert metafile.plt to ps and then print it they disappear. Some
times there is a part of the label, other there are no labels at all.

    When I do "Fprint -o file.ps metafile.plt" I get this message:
"greadgksm()   No item is left in GKS Metafile input"

    Is it an error?

    And the second question, how do I manage to plot a better coastline
than that with "go land thick"? I have an ASCII file with lat,lon data
of the coast.

    Thanks in advance


Francesc Pastor Guzman (Sysadmin)
Meteorology Department
Fundacion CEAM, Spain

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