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Re: Removing labels

I am not completely sure the exact plot you are trying to do, so I hope this
will help.

You are probably using unlabel correctly, where you are making your mistake is
that after the unlabel, you are issuing a ppl plot. If you are making a contour
plot you really want ppl contour.

So the order would be:

yes? CONTOUR/SET precipitation
yes? GO unlabel 1
yes? GO unlabel 2

You can also remove ALL labels (except axis labels) by using CONTOUR/NOLAB

On May 19,  1:45pm, Francesc Pastor Guzman wrote:
> Subject: Removing labels
>     Hello ferreters
>     I try to write a script to plot precipitation, but can't find
> exactly how to remove labels by using unlabel n, then if i do ppl plot
> it erases the contours. How can I avoid deleting them? I've tried to
> first remove the labels and then contouring/over but then a new label
> appears with the name of the new variable (and a new colour contour).

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