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Re: regridding of time axis


Steve Hankin has provided a fix for my problem of time axis regridding using the 
@ave regridding transformation.  The major problem was that my netcdf data file 
with 3-hourly data had a time axis which wasn't recognizable under COARDS 
guidelines.  So to regrid the 3-hrly data to daily data I followed these steps:

! give my 3-hourly data a proper time axis
define axis/t=1-jul-1986:31-jul-1986:3/units=hours t3hr
LET my_3hr_var = netcdf_file_var[gt=t3hr@asn]

! regrid this data by daily averaging
define axis/t=1-jul-1986:31-jul-1986:1/units=days t1day
LET my_1dy_var = my_3hr_var[gt=t1day@ave]

Thanks a lot, Steve, for your help.  I hope this might be helpful to someone 

Chris Weaver

C.P. Weaver                                Internet:
Department of Environmental Sciences        weaver@cep.rutgers.edu
Rutgers University/Cook College             www.envsci.rutgers.edu/~weaver
14 College Farm Road                       Phone: 1 732 932 7902
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8551               Fax:   1 732 932 8644 

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