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Re: labeling polar plots


I would encourage you to try out the new map projection scripts which
were included in Ferret V4.91.  They allow many more projections besides
polar and include numerous utility scripts which help out with labeling,
plotting ship tracks, etc.  You can examine their output by running

go mp_demo

Here is a little script which creates a plot similar to the one you
created with polar_2d.jnl.  The screen and hard copy versions look
identical.   If you want to add labels for longitudes and latitudes, you
can add them with the mp_label.jnl script.

use levitus_climatology
set region/y=29.9:90/z=0
set grid temp
go mp_stereographic_north
go mp_aspect
fill/noaxis/set_up temp, x_page, y_page
ppl labs 4,0,0 @as
ppl labs 5,0,0 @as
ppl labs 6,0,0 @as
go remove_logo
ppl fill
go mp_land
go mp_graticule 0 360 15 30 90 15

! Add some lat and lon labels
go mp_label   0 28 0 0 .15 @TR0E
go mp_label 120 24 0 0 .15 @TR120E
go mp_label 240 24 0 0 .15 @TR120W
go mp_label 180 42 0 0 .15 @TR45N
go mp_label 180 57 0 0 .15 @TR60N
go mp_label 180 72 0 0 .15 @TR75N

I hope that helps.

-- Jonathan

a.larkin@ic.ac.uk wrote:
> Hello ferreters, here's another simple problem for all you experts out there.
> I am trying to put multiple polar plots of my variable on a page. I managed this using the portraitNxN.jnl that Rodrigo kindly created.
> Once this proceedure worked satisfactorily, I decided to put one simple title on my graphs. Until then I had used /nolabels to take away the logo and label 4 on each plot. Because I didn't seem to be able to use /set_up to make the plots, I had terrible problems producing a plot with the labels that I wanted. Finally I did it using
> set viewport 1
> go polar_2d fill/levels=20/title="(a) 10 mbar" diff1[z=10]
> ppl labs 4 0,0,0,0 @as
> ppl xlab 0,0,0,0 @as
> ppl ylab 0,0,0,0 @as
> go remove_logo
> ppl axlabp 0,0
> ppl tics 0,0,0,0
> ppl fill
> go polar_land
> go polar_grid_fancy
> However, even though the ferret window shows my plots with just a title beneath them, when I convert to ps files using Fprint -p portrait -o filename.ps metafile.plt, the postscript still shows the original labels, please could someone tell me why, and how I can get rid of them forever!
> Thanks
> Alice

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