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Plot partial values

    Hello ferreters.

    Maybe it's an easy one but I'm new to Ferret. I have plotted accumulated precipitation for a 5 day period.
Now I want to separately plot the values for each day. Is there an easy way to do it? I use CDF files extracted
from RAMS mesoscale model. Maybe the point is to build a CDF file for each day.

   Anything about the new release of Ferret?

    Thanks in advance. 


Francesc Pastor Guzman                                         
Meteorology department
Fundacion CEAM, Spain
Tel. : 34 96 131 82 27,  Fax.: 34 96 131 81 90                                                
E-mail :  paco@hp715.ceam.es, paco@ceam.es                                              

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