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Re: modify some points in a variable

Hi Daniel,

If, say, your variable is named "v" then

   yes? LET special_v = IF k EQ 5 THEN my_constant ELSE v
should do the trick. You might also want to follow that by

   yes? SET VARIABLE/NAME="nnn"/UNITS="uuu" special_v

	Happy Ferreting - steve


Daniel Robitaille wrote:
> Not being a Ferret expert, I have been stuck on that one for a while, and
> I just can't seem to find an answer from the manual.
> I have a 3D variable, from a netcdf file I get from a ocean model output.
> I would like to manually set the value of that variable  to a specific
> numerical value for all the points for one of the vertical level, but
> keep the other levels equal to their original values.
> Sounds simple.  But is there a simple way to do it inside ferret?
> I just can't seem to think of one.
> Thanks for your help
> Daniel
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