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Re: changing origin time scale


Here is the easiest way to accomplish the redating. Just change the example to
fit your particular case.

Using ferret you can create a new time axis with the correct start date, and
then regrid the file using the ASN modifier. For example:

    yes? use data.cdf
    yes? define axis/t="02-jan-1960":"31-dec-1994"/np=12600 newt
    yes? save/file=newdata.cdf var[gt=newt@ASN]


On Mar 4,  6:45pm, Francois Delclaux wrote:
> I have a netcdf file (x,y,t) with 12600 values on t-axis,
> and (33,25) values on (x,y) axes (21 Mbytes file )
> This t-axis is irregular, 360 days for 35 years. But a error has been made
> concerning the time origin.
> I would like to make a time-translation, and
> to change the origin, ie, to make the file begin the 2 january 1960
> instead of the 2 january 1961.
> What's the best way to do this opration, in ferret or another netcdf tools
> (avoiding fortran  program development !)
>-- End of excerpt from Francois Delclaux

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