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Time Stuff

  Hi again -

Thanks to the help of Halldor Bjornsson and Kevin O'Brien I am now able to
string together Multiple NetCDF files.  But, now I have a couple of new 
new questions.

1.  In my NetCDF files, I define time in hours as starting from
    01-JAN-0000 (e.g. 17419896 = 01-APR-1988 00:00).  When I plot these 
    data files, the date that Ferret lists in the top left hand corner of
    the plot is exactly 2 days later than it should be (Ferret says
    03-APR-1988 00:00).  Upon testing the same file in GrADS, I found that
    the date is exactly what I expect it to be.   Any ideas of why this is

2.  Some of the datasets that I use contain hourly values of data (with
    times defined similar to above).  When I plot a time series of these
    data, ferret seems to combine 3 or so hours worth of values into one
    time and then skips few times plotting 3 more hours worth of different
    values into another time, and so on. For example, if I type 
    'plot/i=50/j=50/l=1:3 ts', I get a verticle line.  If I type 
    'plot/i=50/j=50/l=1:6 ts', I get two connected verticle lines.  I
    tested the data in GrADS, and everything appears as I think it should
    appear.  This problem does not occur when I plot data that have a time
    resolution coarser than 3 hours or when I average the data.  Any ideas
    of how to overcome this problem?

  Thank you,

  - Jeremy

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