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Multi-file NetCDF datasets

  Hi -

I realize that this subject matter has been addressed on numerous
occassions in the email archive.  But, I still can't figure out exactly
what I am supposed to do to get the MC (multi-file NetCDF) feature to
work.  Here are a few of my questions (sorry if they seem or are 

1. Is there a complete description of what each line in the MC descriptor
   file represents?  

2. Once I have properly formed my MC descriptor file, how do I use it?

3. Is each NetCDF file required to be tagged with a counter at the end
   (e.g. mtaa063-nc.024)?

4. Joerg Kaduk (joerg@jasper.stanford.edu) pointed someone to a readme
   file which I am unable to locate:
       "Check out the readme file README_about_mc_datasets and also
       there should be a mc_datasets.tar to look into for examples."
   Can someone point me to or provide me with a detailed description of
   how to use and build the MC descriptor file?

  Thank you very much,

  - Jeremy

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