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Plot buffer size


I have the feeling this will turn out to be trivial. I want to
regrid coads winds onto etopo20's grid and then do some 
manipulations on the regridded fields (ie interpolating and
smoothing). As a check on my procedure I'd also like to plot
my final fields as a vecor plot.

The code below shows what I'm doing. The script runs fine and
writes my output fields as desired; however, when I go to
vector plot these fields I get a:

**ERROR: a program limit has been reached: 832370 points to plot
          Plot buffer size is: 495000

I'm unclear as to the relationship between the "plot buffer size"
and allocated memory (which I've set to 15 MWords). I've ran my
code in diagnostic mode and increased the desperate mode to twice
the default (hence, 160,000) in hopes that the error is resulting
from overly splitting the calculation. If anyone can tell me how
to solve this I'd be grateful.

Thanks, David.

David Oxilia			Tel: (541) 737-2368
COAS:Oregon State University	Fax: (541) 737-2064
Ocean Admin. Bldg. 104		Email: oxilia@oce.orst.edu
Corvallis, OR 97331-5503	WWW: http://www.oce.orst.edu/po

! Allocate memory for computation
set memory/size=15			! 1 MWord = 4 MBytes

! Set data files
set data etopo20
set data coads_climatology

! -----------

! Define wind stress grid as for etopo
define grid/like=rose[d=1] etopoxy

! Compute annually averaged wind fields and map to grid
let uwndt = uwnd[g=etopoxy,l=@ave]
let vwndt = vwnd[g=etopoxy,l=@ave]
let wspdt = wspd[g=etopoxy,l=@ave]

! Set constants
let c_d = 1.e-3    			! Drag coefficient
let rho_air = 1.2  			! Density of air in kg/m^3

! Define (tau_x,tau_y) by filling grid via linear interpolation
let tx = rho_air*c_d*uwndt[x=@fln:3,y=@fln:3]*wspdt[x=@fln:3,y=@fln:3]
let ty = rho_air*c_d*vwndt[x=@fln:3,y=@fln:3]*wspdt[x=@fln:3,y=@fln:3]

! Finally smooth the wind stress with a 5 point boxcar window
let txs = tx[i=@sbx:5,j=@sbx:5]
let tys = ty[i=@sbx:5,j=@sbx:5]

! Plot the field for verification
vec/length=5.0 txs,tys

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