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Re: Strange time axis inconsistencies, and more

One last thing about Time - is it possible for ferret to understand a year of
precisely 365 days, no leap years at all, without the calendar slipping? Our 
model has no leap years - and I've gotten around this by "remapping" the model
dates into leap years by making the year 365.2425 days long. Anyway, udunits 
has a unit called "common_year"; would it be possible to define a time axis 

``time:units = "common_years since 0001-01-01" ;''

and have it work properly?

A couple other things - why does ferret sometimes promote "float" to "double"
when one creates a new netCDF file? This makes it difficult to read the new
netCDF file with (say) a Fortran90 program because while the dimension is de-
fined to be double, the data themselves are not.

Lastly, can one have a dashed/dotted *and* colored line?


Gary Strand
strandwg@ucar.edu                         http://www.cgd.ucar.edu/ccr/strandwg

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