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spatial average

Dear ferreters

I have some problems.

1. I want to calculate spatial averages, I mean, one mean value for a whole 
region. My data has 204 point on the L index. I've used the commands below:

yes? set data my_data
yes? set region/x=50w:10e/y=0:10n
yes? let south=my_var[x=@ave,y=@ave]

Ferret gave me a time serie as I expected. But, does anyone know if the commands 
above are correct?? Did Ferret make what I want??

2. Another doubt: I set -999 value over land. If the commands above are right, 
when Ferret calculates the spatial average, does Ferret automatically recognize 
that -999 is a bad value and it does not use them to calculate the average?? If 
not, what can I do to make that Ferret recognizes them as a bad value??

Thanks in advance for any help.



                  Antonio Caetano Vaz Caltabiano
          National Institute for Space Research - SERE II
    P.O. Box 515 - 12201-970 - Sao Jose dos Campos - SP - Brazil
        Phone: +55 (0)12 3456508   FAX: +55 (0)12 3456488

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