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Re: NOTE: Negative values at start of time axis

The problem is that the coordinate you see defines the mid-point of the
"time-box". This is analagous to spatial coordinates, e.g., if you have three
equally-spaced points at longitudes 105E, 110E, 115E, this defines grid boxes
that actually are: 102.5E-107.5E, 107.5E-112.5E, and 112.5E-117.5E.

So your time coordinates are:  time = 0, 21600, 43200, 64800, 86400 ;
which means that the 1st time box runs from -10800 to 10800, thus the message
about negative time steps.

The solutions? You could just ignore the message and get along just fine. Or
you could redefine your t0 (the zero point of the time access to be earlier so
you no longer have a time=0, (e.g., change
	time:units = "sec since 1979-01-01 00:00:00 " ;
to something like
	time:units = "sec since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 " ;
THen you will have to refigure your time access coordinates.

Best of luck,


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