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Direct Access Data

  Hi -

I am hoping that someone can help me in using direct access data files
in ferret.

Each variable (X,Y,T) is written out on a 2-D grid at a specified time.
The time is then incremented and then the variables at that next timestep
are written out. And so on (see below for the Fortran code).  I have
tried several approaches to use these data, but none seem to work (see
below for an example).  Can someone help me with the proper grid
definitions so that I can use these data?

Also, is it possible to use direct access data files that a mix of 4D and
3D fields in them?

  Thank you very much,

  - Jeremy

Here is a Fortran code for a given time:
      open (iout,file=outfil,access='direct',recl=ix*iy
     +     ,status='new',form='unformatted')
     . . .
      do nb=1,15
        irec = irec + 1
        write (iout,rec=irec) ((field2(i,j,nb),i=1,ix),j=1,iy)
      end do

Here is one of the things I tried:
define axis/x=1:39:1 x1
define axis/y=1:48:1 y1
define axis/t=1:721:1 t1
define grid/x=x1/y=y1/t=t1 g1

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