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Re: Fortran Functions Used by Ferret


There is support for external functions in V4.91 but it is still at the
beta level:  still under development.  You can learn more about them by
checking the Ferret home page and looking at the section on External


This should be enough to get you started but you should be aware that the
next release of Ferret (V5.0) will be out in the not-too-distant future and
the external functions API is bound to change slightly.  If you don't mind
making minor modifications to you external function code when you switch to
the new release, I see no reason why you shouldn't start using the external
function capabilities of Ferret today.

Let me know if you have any problems or questions.

-- Jonathan

Jeremy S Pal wrote:

>   Hi -
> A few of the emails in the archives indicate that Ferret V4.91 supports
> external Fortran functions.  However, I am unable to find any
> information on how to implement this feature and on its limitations.
> Where I can find more detailed information on this topic?
>   Thank you,
>   - Jeremy

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