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Re: Printing in Ferret


All of the commands generated by the GUI are saved in the Command Window.  Can you start up
Ferret, repeat the series of commands which generated this error and then send me the contents of
the Command Window.  Then I'll be able to see exactly what is happening.

-- Jon

Francesc Pastor Guzman wrote:

>    Hello ferreters, I am new with ferret and don't know how to print. I run GUI, then I choose
> File - Print Setup . There I enable printing with settings:
>          Printer : Default
>         Orientation : Auto
>         Copies : 1
>          Lines : Color lines
>    Everything seems to be OK but when I plot something and try to print it I get this message:
>    ERROR: metafile.plt is not a file name
>    ERROR: You made a syntax error near -l cps
>    Script to translate Ferret's Graphics metafile(s) to Postscript
>    Usage: ......
>    Please help!!  thanks

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